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Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce

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Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Logo

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) is an organisation that provides services designed to support its members in business development. The ZNCC is a non-profit making membership based organisation.

As an independent organisation, the ZNCC represents the interests of its members through lobbying, collaboration and facilitation.

It provides a focus on business empowerment as the engine for economic growth and also encourages competitiveness in the market place through the promotion of organised business communities.

Contact Details

National Office

Mr. A. Matiza/ Linda Mutendi
42 Harare St, Old Malawi Hse
Cnr Charter/ Harare St
Box 1934,Harare

Tel: 749335/816/737
Fax: 750375
Email: info [at] zncc.co.zw /            linda [at] zncc.co.zw

Harare Branch

Branch Manager
Mrs. C. Kahari
5th Floor Zambia Hse
Kwame Nkrumah Ave
Box 4716

Tel: 781557/780207
Email: harare [at] zncc.hre.co.zw

Branch Chairperson
Mr. T. Mavima
Tax Management Services

Tel: 250611/2 250710
Fax: 250647
Email: tendai [at] taxmgtzw.com

Bulawayo Branch

Branch Manager
Mr. B. Ncube
Cnr 8th / Fort St
Box 1292

Tel: 09 70336/889555
Email: znccbyo [at] comone.co.zw

Branch Chairperson
Mr. Jabulani Nkomo
Astra Building Centre
106 H. Chitepo
Box 2189

Tel: 09 64933
Cell: 0772 266 478
Email: jabu [at] astrabuilding.co.zw

Gweru Branch

Branch Manager
Sikhanyisiwe Sibanda
25 Main St. 3 Marinor Court
Box 610

Tel/Fax: 054 220352/4
Email: znccmidchapter [at] gmail.com / khanyisibs [at] yahoo.co.uk

Branch Chairperson
Mr. A. Marufu
Mainset Business Solution

Tel: 054 225783
Cell: 0772 300 008

E-mail: alexmarufu5vision [at] yahoo.com

Mutare Branch

Branch Manager
Ms. P. Guwila
Suite 101,1st Floor, Mutual Life Centre
Box 281

Tel: 020 69285
Email: znccmutare [at] comone.co.zw / pguwila [at] yahoo.co.uk

Branch Chairperson
Mr. G. Kombo
Bhafalo Hardware

Tel: 020 69284
Email: bhafalo [at] zol.co.zw

Kwekwe Branch

Branch Manager
Florence Mapfungautsi
Box 1308

Tel: 055 21153

0773 227 468