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Zimbabwe Investment Authority

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Zimbabwe Investment Authority

Zimbabwe Investment Authority Logo

Our Vision
To be the most preferred and competitive Investment Agency in the world

Our Mission
To contribute to sustainable national economic development and growth through the timeous promotion and facilitation of value added investment .

Our Core Values
As we carry out our function in pursuit of our vision, we well strive to uphold the following principles :

  • Transparency : Our actions will always be governed /guided by transparency, accountability, honesty and fairplay in line with our Code of Ethics
  • Investor Confidence : We promise to respect, protect, preserve and promote investor interests in all transactions so as to inspire confidence.
  • Commitment and Teamwork : In pursuit of our vision and mission, we are a dedicated, efficient and responsive team.
  • Innovativeness : We are fast and pro-active in our approach to challenges and opportunities . We face with confidence the future and the changes that it brings.
  • Integrity : We are consistent, fair honest and ethical in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

We take responsibility for honouring our commitments and obligations .
We maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity .
We apply to agreed policies equally to all without prejudice or favour, equal opportunities to all .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA)?
    ZIA is an investment promotion body established by the Zimbabwean Government in 2007 to promote and facilitate investment for growth in Zimbabwe .

  2. Why invest in Zimbabwe?
    • Abundant natural resources
    • Good infrastructure
    • Strategic location in the heart of Southern Africa
    • Resilient, diversified economy
    • Large and high skilled labour force
    • Up to 100% foreign equity in priority sector

  3. What are the procedures for establishing a new business venture in Zimbabwe?
    • Register company with the Registrar of Companies in Harare and acquire a certificate of incorporation. Alternatively one can buy a shelf company from consulting or accounting firms
    • Companies with foreign shareholding should then apply for an investment licence with the Zimbabwe Investment Authority through completing a ZIA 1 Application Form.
    • NB. Investment into an existing company requires the Exchange Control Authority of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe through submitting an application through a commercial bank
    • Once an Investment Licence has been issued the investor can then apply for residents permit, work permits for expatriate labour with the Immigration Control Department and other permits relevant to his area of operation with the relevant Authority

  4. How long does it take to acquire approval for an Investment Licence from Zimbabwe Investment Authority?
    The Authority considers applications for an Investment Licence within 49 days and an investor is advised of the position of his application within this time period. Applications are first considered by the Investment Committee, which then makes recommendations to the Board, which is responsible for approval of applications for investment licences .

  5. Can we apply for an EPZ status under ZIA?
    EPZ status cannot be applied for under ZIA. However companies that had acquired this status under the EPZA can still enjoy the incentives that come with the status until the expiry of their licences .

  6. Does Zimbabwe Investment Authority provide loans and other financial assistance ?
    Zimbabwe Investment Authority does not provide loans or financial assistance to investors. Investors can however borrow for working capital on the local financial market whilst capital investment by foreign investors can only be financed by funds injected .

Contact Details

Investment House
109 Rotten Row
P.O. Box 5950, Harare

Tel (263-4) 757931-5,759911-5/8 780140-5, 756170/487/714 755702, 780147/8
Fax 773843, 759917
Email: info [at] zia.co.zw

Fidelity Life Centre, Fife Street & 10 Ave
P.O. Box 399, Ascot, Bulawayo

Tel (263-9) 65335, 65319 65347, 65342/3
Fax 65345
Email: zicbyo [at] mweb.co.zw

Beitbridge ZIA Industrial Park
Stand No 58, Industrial Sites
Box 424, Beitbridge

Tel +263 91 228 1765