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Lithium Exploration, Mining & Value Addition

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(proposed by the Industrial Development Coperation of Zimbabwe )

Zimbabwe is considered among the largest lithium producers in the world, after USA, followed by China and a few other countries. This is based on the abundance of lithium bearing minerals such as the Petalites, amblygonites, and lepidolites in Zimbabwe which are responsible for the country's prominence in the world lithium market. Although many small deposits are known and have been worked on in the past, the production of lithium in Zimbabwe has been mainly centred on one mine where a complex of large pegmatites occur in the Greenstone belt over a distance of about 3-5 km. Lithium value additionThere has been very little and in some cases no exploration work done on lithium in the country such that the rest of the information outside the mine is a bit sketchy and more of rough estimates. This therefore presents more investment opportunities for exploration, mining and value addition of current production tonnages.

One area with potential for value addition is the manufacture of lithium batteries. IDC already has one of its associate companies as the only dry cell battery manufacturer in the country. However, the technology currently in use is getting outdated as it is able to produce zinc-carbon batteries only. An opportunity therefore exists for a joint venture partnership to either upgrade the current technology or embark on a Greenfield project to manufacture lithium batteries or any other lithium based products. Lithium cells can produce voltages from 1.5V to about 3.7V, twice the voltage of an ordinary zinc-carbon battery or alkaline cell, hence their huge demand on the international market.

The project is still at pre-feasibility stage, hence further details on the investment cost are still being worked on.


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