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Innscor Franchising Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd

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Franchising opportunities with Innscor Franchising Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (IFZ)

We appreciate your interest in our brands. Our ambition regarding a "potential franchisee" is to associate ourselves with organisations and people who share the same values, vision and commitment to long-term business relationships, as ourselves.

Who are we ?

Innscor Franchising Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (IFZ) is the franchising arm of Innscor Africa Limited.

Innscor Africa Limited is a public quoted company in Zimbabwe which has four key business areas – manufacture and retail of food, distribution, “light” manufacturing, and tourism. Our food franchises cover a full spectrum of offerings, through the following concepts:

  • Pizza Inn - a pizza concept
  • Chicken Inn - a fried chicken concept
  • Creamy Inn - an ice-cream concept
  • Vasilis - a bakery and coffee concept
  • Bakers Inn - a bakery concept


In most instances, we develop centres rather than stand alone stores, and in these centres we combine a range of the above concepts. However, should the market or franchisee requirements dictate, we can open stand alone stores.

What is an IFZ Franchise ?

In exchange for an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties, a franchisee receives a licensed privilege from IFZ to do business under one or more of the IFZ brand names for a specified period of time. The franchisee receives from IFZ guidance and support in training, operations & management and brand support services.

Franchising is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. A franchisee can enjoy the benefits of being in business for themselves whilst also benefiting from the association with a well-known successful brand. The franchisee can also be confident in the knowledge that guidance and assistance is available. Franchising is one of the fastest growing business sectors and is a unique way of doing business built on mutual trust between the franchisee and franchisor.

In its vision to become one of the largest and most profitable companies in Africa, Innscor has identified the franchising structure as a viable mechanism for development and growth in African economies.

What are your responsibilities as an IFZ franchisee?

As a franchisee you will be running your own business, but within the parameters of the IFZ brand, business format and trading models. In operating an IFZ store, you will have a number of responsibilities including:

  • Excellence in service levels
  • Creating a personalized, friendly and fun environment;
  • Marketing of the store and brand
  • Business management
  • Customer orientation and community relations; and
  • People management

Not only will you need to have the required financial resources and track record, you will also have to possess the necessary attributes of a business owner to successfully fulfill your role as an IFZ franchisee.

What do we look for in our franchisees?


  • The franchisee must be creditworthy and have the necessary financial resources (a franchisee must be able to pay at least 60% of the total costs of a new franchise from non-borrowed personal resources – the balance may be financed)
  • The franchisee should be financially sound
  • A formal qualification or experience in the food industry would be an added advantage.



  • A franchisee with managerial experience and / or having been self -employed is ideal
  • The franchisee should be computer literate
  • The franchisee should be a "hands on" person who can proactively market his business, selling himself, the IFZ concept and each Brand’s experience. The franchisee must be an "owner-operator"


Personal Attributes

  • The franchisee needs to be an energetic self-starter with a professional approach to business
  • The franchisee must be people oriented with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • He/She must be able to manage others effectively, have above average motivational skills and create the personalized, friendly environment that makes our business thrive
  • The franchisee needs to share an alignment with IFZ values. He must be able to model the true characteristics of an IFZ partner.
  • The franchisee should be of respectable appearance and good health
  • The franchisee must demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, yet also show the willingness and ability to be a team player;
  • The franchisee should be enthusiastic, dynamic and a self-motivator. He must be a “go-getter” with a strong will to succeed.
  • The franchisee must be able to consider their business as a long-term investment. He / She must show commitment and have a loyal and consistent character.
  • By the nature of our business and the Quick Service Restaurant sector, the franchisee needs to have stamina and strength to commit to the hard work and long hours needed to successfully operate an Innscor International franchise.